ENGLISH | 歩(あゆみ)は京都で、エスニック衣料&雑貨とアルパカ製品を扱っています。




Ayumi is a dealer of ethnic clothing & miscellaneous goods and Alpaca products established in 1967.

There are shops at Kyoto Teramachi Dori and in front of Honno-ji temple.

Thinking about "comfortability", we have a large selection of clothing based on natural materials.
Designed and manufactured by a team of Japanese designers using Indian natural materials and techniques.

Because it is manufactured for Japan rather than purchased locally, it distinguishes it from other ethnic garments in terms of quality, design, feeling of size, and easiness for maintenance.

As well as clothing items, there is a wide variety of products such as miscellaneous goods in which you can feel the warmth and wonderfulness of handicrafts, Indian gods and Tibetan instruments, gems, and ancient folk tools from Africa.

There are also antique dragon balls from the 17th century, Indonesian old cloth, hand-woven silk shawl from Laos, etc.

Japan and the rest of the world are connected by the Silk Road, and the design and technique of textiles, dyeing and cloth patterns are the roots of Japanese patterns and textiles in Japan.

We aim to create a pleasant shop surrounded by something that is fun and warm.

We also accept credit card and QR code payments.

You can get tax exemption on purchases over 5,000 yen when presenting your passport.

Please stop by when you come to Kyoto.

Please enjoy your stay in Kyoto.




鞍馬口店 Kuramatuchi
寺町本店 Teramachi

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